Tile Wear Ratings


Which Tile Should You Choose?

Selecting your tile based on its wear rating, or PEI class, is an important step in ensuring that your installation withstands the test of time and can handle traffic. Our experts will help you understand the different PEI classes and what each rating represents, including:

Class 1

01. No foot traffic

Recommended for wall use in residential and commercial applications only.

Class 2

02. Light traffic

Recommended for both wall use and bathroom floor applications only.

Class 3

03. Light to moderate traffic

Recommended for countertops, walls and floors where normal foot traffic is expected.

Class 4

04. Moderate to heavy traffic

Recommended for all residential applications as well as medium commercial and light institutional.

Class 5

05. Heavy to extra heavy traffic

Recommended for all residential as well as heavy commercial and institutional applications.

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