Tile Maintenance


Tile Maintenance Tips

Ceramic tile is one of the most durable and maintenance friendly surfaces you can choose. With proper care, it will retain its original beauty for many years. Generally, all that’s needed is a quick wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Additionally, we offer two specialized products in our showrooms, Aqua Mix and Miracle Sealants.

Quick Tips

  • 01. Walls

    Glazed tile walls in your home will easily keep their lovely look with simple routine care. Just wipe regularly with a clean damp cloth or sponge. A non-abrasive, neutral cleaner can be used (abrasive cleansers will cause scratching to shiny tile and polished marble surfaces). Highly polished tile and stone surfaces should be polished dry with a soft absorbent cloth after cleaning to eliminate the buildup of hard-water residue and maintain the high polished finish.

  • 02. Floors

    For tile floors, sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt. Follow up with a damp mop or sponge and a neutral pH cleaner. If a cleaner is used, be sure the surface is rinsed thoroughly with clean water and dried afterward.

  • 03. Bathrooms

    Tiled surfaces in your bathroom may require a more thorough routine. Use a clean, damp cloth or sponge with a neutral pH cleaner and allow it to stand for five minutes before rinsing. Dry with a towel and leave the curtain open between showers for maximum ventilation.

  • 01. Walls

    Tile walls and countertops should be cleaned with a nylon scrubber and a non-acidic, high pH cleanser. Poultice may be used in combination with any appropriate cleaner to restore heavily soiled areas. Once dry, apply sealer to protect and ease ongoing maintenance.

  • 02. Countertops

    To clean badly soiled countertops, an appropriate alkaline cleaner is recommended. Poultice can be lightly sprinkled onto the wet cleaner solution and scrubbed with a white nylon scrub pad or medium nylon scrub brush to facilitate cleaning. Rinse thoroughly.

  • 03. Bathrooms

    For showers, tubs, and other wet areas, light acidic cleaners are recommended to remove hard water mineral deposits. Acidic cleansers are not recommended on acid-sensitive surfaces such as metallic glazes or polished marble. For acid-sensitive surfaces, use a neutral or alkaline cleaner in combination with poultice.

Cleaning Tips




Regularly apply a water-based penetrating sealer on all natural stone products.


Never use harsh acids like hydrochloric (muriatic) or hydrofluoric, as they can cause damage to tile, humans and pets!


Use a grout joint. Due to size variations in porcelain and ceramic floor tiles, it’s essential.


Combine ammonia and bleach, or use steel wool pads. They can scratch the surface of your tile.


Read and follow label directions for all cleaners and sealers. Do a patch test before applying.


Use a cleaning agent that contains color on porous unglazed tile, natural stone, or white grout.

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