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Thin Stone Veneer

Thin veneer stone tiles are beautiful building materials that cut down on the weight of stone while retaining its natural beauty. At Minnesota Tile & Stone, we’re proud to offer all of our customers dozens of thin veneer stone tile options to choose from for both interior and exterior projects, large and small.



Thin stone veneer is a unique material that will not chip, wear, or fade over time.


Thin stone veneer is fuel efficient. Because of its light weight, it requires less energy and gas to transport.


Thin stone veneer offers a contemporary stone look without the extra bulkiness of traditional stone facades.

Easy Installation

Experts can easily install thin stone veneer using specialized mortar and dry stacking techniques.


Natural Thin Veneer

Thin veneer is generally less than one inch thick. We work with Natural Stone Veneers to offer over 60 product lines quarried from around the world. These collections expand and complement the structural dimension with a diversity of color, shape, and texture.


Natural Full Veneer

We partner with Fond De Lac Stone to provide natural, Wisconsin stone to residents of the Greater Twin Cities Area. Natural full veneer is generally three to six inches thick and our products offer unique colors and textures only found in Wisconsin.


Manufactured Veneer

Manufactured stone is approximately one-third to half the cost of natural stone. Its lightweight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings. It also has an approximately two percent waste factor versus ten percent or more for natural stone.


Natural Cut Stone

Using natural cut stone ensures that every one of your projects will be unique, as it features rugged textures and irregular cuts. It can be installed with or without grout, depending on your style preference.

Uses For Thin Stone Veneer

Over the years, businesses in the stone industry have reinvented the composition of their products to make them thinner and allow them to retain the natural beauty of the stone, while experiencing a vast array of benefits, like durability and low maintenance.


Over the years, we’ve learned who to trust. We’re proud to offer quality selection and reliable products from the following distributors

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