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Thin Brick Wall

Using Thin Brick To Add Classic Charm To Your Home

Because of it’s weight, various colors, and durability, thin brick is a great versatile material that can be used inside and outside your home, and applied to nearly any kind of wall.

The Benefits of Thin Brick

Firstly, as the name implies, thin brick is smaller and lighter than typical brick stones, which makes it a great choice when you want to enhance or renovate a part of your home or building. Because of how thin it is, it can be used to replace existing tile, aluminum and vinyl siding, or simply restore patches of a wall that may show some wear and tear. This means that with one project, you’ll feel like you’re coming back to an entirely new home every day.

Working With Experienced Artisans and Vendors

When you’re ready to start renovating your home, it’s essential that you work with a team of experienced artisans who know how to find the best materials and handle a wide assortment of projects around your home, both interior and exterior. Minnesota Tile & Stone exemplifies the professionalism you’re looking for, and has the knowledge to help give you the home of your dreams.

We represent the following thin brick stone collections:

Eldorado Stone Surface

Founded in Washington, and now one of the leading stone manufacturers, Eldorado stone is dedicated to premium quality products and customer satisfaction.

Marble Systems Stone

Carrying a wide assortment of tile, stone, and thin brick, Marble Systems has helped enhance the look of homes all around the country.