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Fire Bowls and Fire Pits

Transform Your Exterior Atmosphere With Firebowls

When you want to add a unique aura to your backyard or patio area, firebowls can deliver on that need and more. Typically handcrafted, these unique pieces are available in a variety of design types depending on the atmosphere you want to create, and in different sizes. Since they come in various colors, you can pick and choose the type that works best for the style of your exterior and provides the functionality you desire. Maybe you just want a firebowl for decorative purposes, but others might want a larger one where they can have family gatherings around during cooler summer nights. Whatever mood you want to create, there is a firebowl out there that can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Get Your Products From a Team of Trusted Professionals

Minnesota Tile & Stone has been helping homeowners renovate and improve their homes since 1930. We care immensely about the work we do, which is why we’re still in business almost 100 years after we started. We work closely with each client on the project they have in mind, and we’ll provide guidance along the way, all while sourcing from the best vendors around the country. When it’s time to renovate your home’s exterior, the experts at Minnesota Tile & Stone understand how to do the job right and leave you satisfied.

Vendors we work with for firebowls:

Eldorado Fire Pit

Specializing in unique stone material and design, Eldorado has a collection of firebowls that represent the epitome of irresistible outdoor ambiance.