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Calculating-Square-Footage Calculating Square Footage

Planning for your next DIY tiling project can be a challenging task. Fortunately, calculating the amount of square footage in your room doesn’t have to be the most difficult aspect of your planning process. Minnesota Tile & Stone’s simple and easy to use tile area calculator makes the job easy, and gets you on track to selecting your favorite ceramic tile, porcelain tile or stone countertop for your kitchen, or bathroom project.

For quick calculation of the square footage of your room or space, you’ll need a tape measure, pen and paper.

  • Measure the length and width of the room or space in question, and enter your measurements into the square foot calculator.
  • If the room or space is a triangle, measure the base and height of the area. You will get the square footage of the area by multiplying these numbers together and dividing the sum in half.
  • If the space or room is irregular, try to divide it into rectangles and triangles. After measuring these individual shapes, add the total measurements together and input into the tile area calculator.
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Minnesota Tile & Stone consultants are highly trained in all aspects of tile and countertop projects, and can help you plan your next project from start to finish. With tile shops in Lakeville, Plymouth, Woodbury, or Minnetonka, or Minneapolis (located in International Market Square) advice on your next project is never far away.

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