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Tile decking can be installed in almost any location. It’s perfect for surrounding your pool, furnishing a patio, or enhancing any other flooring on the exterior of your home. The type of tile used is crucial to ensuring durability, safety, and easy maintenance.



Blue.s is a modern interpretation of Pierre Bleue: outstanding technical characteristics, a vast range of formats and finishes and an extraordinary aesthetic result in which every single part of the design is painstakingly studied, representing the real added value of the collection.



Esprit is an interpretation of natural stone with all the elegance of minimalism. This collection blends natural elements with modern style to create beautiful, subtle effects. The surface allows you the freedom to create coordinated solutions for both indoor and outdoor areas.



The power of concrete lies in the fact that it is a neutral, versatile furnishing material, and in its ability to embody the whole material identity of the ceramic product. Our manufacturer has produced a delicate collection with clean-cut textures reminiscent of the material in its most typically original guise, enhanced by a careful selection of subtle details.



Quarziti is precision-designed to elegantly evoke the look and feel of raw materials and natural stones – even how they appear in different lights. Quarziti 2.0 has a natural finish and is the perfect coordination between indoor and outdoor venues.



Mashup surfaces bring a natural look to a product made of concrete, it combines natural aesthetics with function. This allows an eclectic, versatile tile option packed with potential to bring a chic modern elegance to any room, surface, or exterior.



Our manufacturer's Summit stoneware reinterprets the elegance of a porcelain surface with a higher degree of material strength. Shape and color combinations designed to represent the natural world create surfaces that are diverse and authentic to coordinate surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas.


Lab 21

The LAB_21 collection is inspired by the art of “cocciopesto”: precious floors obtained from crushed and ground up roof tiles, lime, and stones. And, its quality ensures long-lasting performance. LAB_21 is manufactured in full respect of environmental parameters and the principles of sustainable living.



NAU is where NAtural meets Urban. It’s a collection in which every detail has been carefully crafted to create a unique feel, able to bring a genuine touch to any setting, steeped in historic authenticity and bursting with new emotions.


Stones 2.0

A desire to rediscover the original materials and their details led to the creation of this stone-effect porcelain stoneware. Nature is the inspiration for this stone-effect ceramic product, breaking through in colors and combinations to create the perfect balance between practicality and emotion.



Norr is a material with a distinctive, harmoniously random texture. It contains pebbles of different colors and size, along with shade-on-shade hues to create a 3D effect. The NORR collection reinterprets natural elements in a creative way consistent with contemporary planning needs.



TriBeCa is a porcelain stoneware collection draws inspiration from one of the most interesting creative design trends and focuses on balancing and combining different methods and materials to generate more sophisticated products.



Metal is a living material that captivates designers and planners for its reaction and changes due to wear and tear that creates new, surprising effects. Using reclaimed pieces, the Officine collection makes an eclectic expression, combining the soul of age-old metal with the latest ceramic technology.



Aura represents the latest in simplicity and attention to detail in our porcelain stoneware product line. Colors and surfaces complement one another beautifully. And, each Tile Deck is manufactured to our highest durability and safety standards.


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